A Look at Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags

The ecological bags are those in which their useful life has been designed so that it has many uses as opposed to the use and throw away bags, so they are compatible with the environment. 

If every day we make small gestures and gradually change our habits, we will create awareness and take a huge step in caring for the planet. A reusable bag has a long life and can be given different uses.

Organic reusable vegetable bags

Potato starch bags, the latest to protect the environment. From one potato 10 bags can be produced and corn and wheat are also used as raw material. In the times that run any initiative that helps the protection of the environment is good. The latest are bags made of potato starch, an alternative to the consumption of plastic derived from petroleum. 

 An industrial group called SPhere, a leader in the manufacturing of plastic derivatives and pioneer in the development of bioplastics, has been responsible for developing this new type of bags.

Reusable Vegetable Bags With Lettuce Greens

A clear example is in Spain, more than 10,500 million plastic bags are used per year -one daily per person-, of which only 10% are recycled, "a problem that must be jointly faced by the food distribution and the food industry. plastic, "they claim from SPhere. 

Sources from the same group indicate that up to 10 bags of 100% biodegradable, renewable, recyclable, CO2-free bioplastic can be obtained from CO2 from a single potato and can be used as compost. 

Potato starch bags is the last bet of a bioplastics sector, certainly in development in recent years. There are already many large companies and institutions that use bioplastic bags. 

Potato is not the only vegetable used as a bioplastic. Corn or wheat are also used to produce organic reusable vegetable bags. The most remarkable is that after the application of innovative techniques plastic packages are obtained with the same characteristics as the conventional one, but more responsible with the environment, since they degrade by themselves in 180 days and can be used as compost. 

Potato starch bags are an alternative, since the basic raw material for its elaboration is the potato starch, sugar and copolyester, raw materials that together with plant chemistry allow to manufacture the same components as those derived from petroleum, but with a minor environmental impact. 

As for the cost of production, higher by 80% due to the price of the raw material, it is the companies that distribute the ones that must bet on offering an added value to their final product offering a more responsible option with the environment.

Eco friendly reusable muslin produce bags

This type of ecological bag is another alternative that is presented as a true rival of plastic. These are ecological bags made from a total of 100% organic cotton mesh. This type of cotton is grown without using pesticides or chemical fungicides so it can be considered an ecological material.

Organic Cotton Reusable Produce Bag Set

Some benefits that we can find in this type of bags:

These are bags that breathe well: they allow free air circulation.They hardly occupy space when folded: perfect to take to the supermarket.They are as resistant as the best plastic bag.Many models include an adjustable cord. 

Good organic cotton shopping bags are much more useful and comfortable than plastic ones. Some models are made with double stitching and an adjustable cord closure with stainless steel buckle. This allows you to close the bag when it is already full. Being breathable bags, eco friendly reusable muslin produce bags also serve fruits and vegetables. In fact, we can store them at home without taking them out of the bag. Something that is not recommended doing with plastic ones since they do not breathe. 

Organic cotton shopping bags are very reusable. It can also be washed in the washing machine and easily dry quite quickly thanks to the fact that it is on a rack. They are safe bags, free of microplastics, BPA and other hazardous materials such as chlorine. In addition, they have many other uses. For example, they are used to organizing toys, tools, cosmetics or clothes in home cabinets.

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