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Why Are Eco-Friendly Shopping Bags Better Than Plastic Bags?

Every day that passes, hundreds of tons of plastics are thrown into the ocean. We know that plastics degrade very slowly, in fact, it takes hundreds of years to do it completely. The gradation process is very slow. However, the tiny particles known as microplastics start to come off right away. 

Microplastics have already been found in every corner of the planet: on land, in the sea, in plants, in lakes, in rivers and in animals. Microplastics have also been found in people's intestines. The only solution to this problem is to reduce the consumption of plastic. And the best way to start doing this is to replace the plastic-derived plastic shopping bags with green shopping bags.

What types of ecological shopping bags exist?

Paper bags

Various types of ecological shopping bags are manufactured. The first alternative plastic bags that appeared were paper bags. Eco-friendly paper shopping bags are made from a very resistant type of paper known as kraft paper. Its color is the typical natural brown of the paper that has not been bleached with chlorine. Kraft paper is named for its manufacturing process: the Kraft system or process. Although the production of kraft paper is also polluting, ecological paper shopping bags have three advantages over plastic ones. First, paper can be recycled. Second and very important: they do not release microplastics when degraded (they are paper). Third: they are biodegradable.

Nylon Mesh Bags With Drawstring

Nylon mesh bags

They are made of strong mesh, light and easy to see what is inside, without plastic and ideal for environmental care. Its breathable mesh design instead of perspiring inside the store's plastic bags. It can be washed and easy to clean, reusable for purchase and storage, suitable for daily use. Cord and poplock for convenient opening and closing, simply pull the seal rope when using it. 

Proper storage for all kinds of gifts, fruits, vegetables, dried fruits and other transparent food containers, travel items and almost any household item. Ideal for vegetables, fruits, food, accessories and much more. Also, perfect for camping, fishing, garden, beach and travel, etc

Reusable muslin tote shopping bags

In short, reusable muslin tote shopping bags are one of the best ecological bags, although there are options with other types of plant fabrics that are monopolizing the market for its durability and resistance. This is an excellent option. Perfect to forget for a time of replacements, although they are quite resistant and washable. 

Among all the alternatives, through other long-term durable polymers, even cotton bags, the latter are the most polluting in manufacturing and that require more resources, such as water.  

Reusable Muslin Tote Shopping Bag

Why do we recommend Reusable shopping bags?

The main problem we have with plastic is how to dispose of it. That's where the need to seek alternatives is born. 

There is research from Europe and America that estimates that by using a durable reusable bag you can avoid using more than 20,000 plastic bags. 

If the alternatives are in principle more polluting, the ease of disposal once their useful life ends, and knowing the amount of bags that can be saved, that is where the impact begins. The more you use your ecological bag, the greater the benefit you bring. 

You need to use a cotton bag just over 100 times to have an emission count at 0, after that everything is saved and taken care of the environment. It will depend on a little as you use them but in the long term the benefits are gigantic. 

The more you use your ecological bag, the greater the benefit. Just a couple of times is not enough. In the long term you will see the results.

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