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Why Switch to Reusable Cotton Mesh Bags?

Produce bags are essential whenever we buy loose fruit and vegetables at a grocery store or a farmers market. The best designs are those with mesh structures where we can collect as many items as we need in one bag, get them weighed and carry them home. They are also great storage containers for the produce when you get home. The worst design is that tiny little clear plastic bag you see in grocery stores. Do we really need to use so much of this single-use plastic just because we want apples as well as oranges?

The good news is that we can now use reusable cotton mesh produce bags instead.

Cotton Reusable mesh bags for produce are far more appealing because they offer the following benefits.

  • Just as functional as a plastic mesh bag when out shopping
  • More durable and long-lasting than a plastic mesh bag
  • Better for the environment in the long run.

A sustainable mesh produce bag is the most practical solution while out shopping.

Mesh produce bags are brilliant because you can put lots of items in one bag and retailers can still see everything you have picked up. They can put the malleable mesh bag of vegetables on the scale, determine a total and you can be on your way. Also, a mesh is breathable – unlike those horrible little plastic ones – so much more beneficial for the produce. There is less risk of heat and moisture getting trapped and damaging the items before you get home.  

Reusable Produce Bags

These reusable mesh bags for produce will last much longer than the plastic ones. 

Reusable mesh bags made from cotton are also tougher than they look. This is an important benefit for those that make frequent trips to farmers markets. You can throw the bag in the back of the car, fill it with everything you need at the market, transport it home and never have to worry about the mesh breaking. 

We need to be realistic here. It won’t last forever and could break if you put too much strain on the mesh. Yet, it can still handle heavy loads. This is also important if you want to hang a bag up for storage at home. The last thing you want is to hear an avalanche of avocados hitting the pantry floor in the middle of the night. Furthermore, these cotton bags should also hold up to frequent washing, which is ideal if they get muddy or covered in juice.

The environmental implications of switching to reusable cotton mesh produce bags.

You may ask why there is so much concern about the environment if we can get strong reusable plastic mesh bags. They may be reusable – for a while – but there are still environmental dangers in using plastic. Where possible, we should say no to this material if there is a sustainable alternative. Cotton is more sustainable and perfect for those with a green conscience. We also shouldn’t forget that those plastic fibres can degrade and flake off the bag. They may end up polluting the local environment and contaminating the food chain. 

Therefore, there are plenty of reasons to make the switch to a cotton bag for produce. The mesh retains the same functional benefits, it is built to last and the environment will thank you for your sustainable choice.

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