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Top 3 Reasons For Using Reusable Tote Bags

One of the best ways to fight back in the war on plastic is to change our personal habits. The less single-use plastic we purchase, the less guilt we have over the fate of the item when we’re finished with it. There are so many heartbreaking images of animals that have died from suffocating in or choking on plastic bags. What if that was one that you used? You can erase those questions by switching to small reusable shopping bags instead. These bags are a perfect tool in the fight against plastic bags because they are:

  1.  Friendly towards the environment 
  2.  Great fashion statement 
  3.  Clear sign that you are trying to make a difference.

Reusable shopping bags are friendly towards the environment

Anything reusable has to be a better solution than something thrown into the environment after one use. You can take these small reusable shopping bags anywhere. Need to get some groceries from the store? Pack them in a reusable fabric tote. Going shopping in the city but don’t want lots of bags from each brand? Take a reusable shopping bag. Want to take a change of clothes to the gym? Stuff them in a reusable bag. The possibilities are endless because the bag is so spacious, tough and easy to carry. Yes, they will need washing, but you can just throw it in with the rest of your clothes. They also fold up really neatly when not in use to carry in your purse.

Reusable Tote Bag

Reusable tote bags are a great fashion statement

There are also lots of cute reusable grocery bags now because of all the different designs. It is so easy to print slogans and images into the fabric to make these bags even more attractive. They have become something of a fashion statement now. We can show off our environmental ethos or even our fandoms with a good reusable bag. They are so much more attractive and eye-catching when walking back from the store. This idea of a fashionable side to the reusable tote is important if we are to get younger shoppers interesting in using them long-term.

Reusable grocery bags are a clear sign that you are trying to make a difference.

Finally, you can feel pretty good about yourself knowing that you have declined a plastic bag. Bring out one of these cute reusable shopping bags and say “no need, I brought something better”. Your action may seem like a small one at first. But, you may create a positive environmental domino effect. Show off your reusable bag while packing your groceries. Maybe say something like “I don’t need a plastic bag, thank you, this one has more than enough space and is a lot stronger”. Other shoppers may see and hear and consider getting something similar. If enough customers stop using single-use plastic shopping bags, the store may change their policy.  

Fashionable Tote Bag

Make the switch today

Reusable grocery bags as a simple, passive symbol of civil disobedience in the fight against the anti-environmental measures of major corporations. We can stop the threat of plastic bags one fabric tote at a time.

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